Brake Service

Brake Repair

When was the last time you had your vehicle’s brakes serviced? TLC Auto & Truck Center recommends regular service about every 20,000 miles for average drivers. So if it’s been that long since your last trip to our shop, you are due for a brake inspection!


From Fault to Fix in Brake Repair

Your vehicle’s brakes are crucial to your safety behind the wheel, letting you slow down and stop at any moment. If you hear squeaking or grinding sounds, or if you’ve been needing more distance than usual to stop, it’s time for brake repairs. Only the hands of the most capable automotive professionals can handle your brakes from fault to fix. You’ll find those hands at TLC Auto & Truck Center.


If your vehicle is having brake issues, it can’t be ignored. Not only are damaged brakes a major safety hazard, placing you, your family, and others at risk, but the longer you let brake issues go, the more damage is done to the braking system. This costs you a lot more in both time and money. Our mechanics are capable of handling all major and minor auto repairs on Domestic, European and Asian vehicles, this includes brake system repair and maintenance. All brake system repair & maintenance performed by TLC Auto & Truck Center is backed by a variety of warranty options so you can be certain that the repairs on your braking system will last. Ask us for warranty details.


We Accept All Makes & Models

Accepting Walk-ins and Online Scheduling

If your brakes are in poor condition, you should cease driving with them, and the next stop should be at TLC Auto & Truck Center. Any problems with your braking system will be handled by our brake repair specialists. We’ll get you fixed up and back on the road in no time. Give us a call today to schedule an accurate brake diagnosis or repair.