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Best Bucket Truck Rentals on Long Island NY

bucket truck rentals on Long Island ny

Top Bucket Truck Rental Companies in New York City

The unthinkable has happened: your bucket truck needs repair, and you’re in the middle of a big project, too. Thankfully, there are some top bucket truck repair companies that help service the industry in Long Island, like TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center. While their services are a great solution to a damaged boom truck or aerial lift in need of repair or inspection, you’ll still be without a bucket truck for the duration of the repairs. That’s where bucket truck rentals in Long Island come into play.

Best bucket truck rental company long island ny

Benefits of Bucket Truck Rentals

Renting bucket trucks offers several advantages for businesses, especially when specialized equipment is required for certain jobs. Here’s a summarized breakdown of the benefits:

Bucket truck rentals offer a flexible, safe, and cost-effective solution for businesses facing unique or large-scale projects, ensuring they have the right tools for the job.

Top 5 Bucket Truck Rentals NYC

1. Bucket Truck Rental New York

If you’re looking for a bucket truck rental company that offers competitive hourly, daily, and weekly rates, you need Bucket Truck Rental New York. This company offers not only incredible equipment options for any job, but they also bring the safety equipment along with them, allowing you to focus on the job at hand without worrying about safety issues or infractions. 

bucket truck rental new york

Perfect for any job where you need “a lift,” Bucket Truck Rental New York services companies across New York and Long Island, meaning if you’re looking for a bucket truck rental, you’re in good hands.


Bucket Truck Rental New York operates out of 11 Troy Place, Freeport, NY 11520; however, don’t let their physical location get you down. Their fleet delivers across New York and Long Island, meaning if you need a job done, Bucket Truck Rental New York can get there in no time flat with a pristine bucket truck and all the safety equipment you need in tow. You can call Bucket Truck Rental New York at (516) 223-3248, or reach out to their team via email at [email protected].


While this company’s Google reviews are just getting started, you can help by hiring their exceptional service and leaving a review. As one of their satisfied customers noted in their five-star review, 

“I used Bucket Truck NY to hang Christmas lights on my house. Allen was on time,  I never felt rushed and he was always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Eric abbondandolo

With no job too small, Bucket Truck New York is there to help.

2. NYC Flag Repair

Say you want to rent a bucket truck, but you only need it for a few hours. Most rental places require you to rent it for at least a day at a time, if not more. NYC Flag Repair is different. They offer bucket truck rentals at an hourly rate, meaning you can rent a bucket truck for exactly as long as you need it. This is great for small companies looking to do simple repairs, or a household hoping to string up holiday lights safely with an aerial lift. 

NYC Flag Repair

Some of their examples include tight spaces, where keeping a bucket truck for an entire day would be detrimental to the whole block, or longer-term rentals where the customer can easily store and use the bucket truck for an extended period. No matter which style rental you’re looking for, NYC Flag Repair is there to help.


Located at NY-10019, New York NYC, NYC Flag Repair offers rentals to the surrounding area, including the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, allowing you to get the bucket truck rental you need wherever you need it. Remember that the further out your location, the bigger the chance of an added rental fee. You can contact NYC Flag Repair by phone at (718) 374-5175, or by email at [email protected].


With 26 positive Google reviews and an overall star rating of 4.7, NYC Flag Repair holds its own as a great company to work with. As one positive reviewer noted, 

“I found NYC Flag on Google & was very happy that I did. Very nice men. Polite, professional didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. Reasonable prices. I would use them again if I needed to.”

Margaret Schmidt

3. Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals

Boasting over 65 years of incredible service, Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals should be your go-to company for hiring a bucket truck rental in Long Island. Not only can this business restore existing vehicles, but they also list bucket trucks for lease and rent, meaning you can either use a bucket truck short term for a project, or lease it long term for your business. Building a fleet of trucks has never been easier! 

Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals

With over 2,600 trucks on the road, it’s no surprise customers prefer working with Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals. Not only can you rent a bucket truck for your next project, but you can get general repairs and reconstruction done at their location, making this a one-stop shop for your bucket truck needs. They offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices, allowing you to choose the duration that works for you and your business up front. On top of bucket truck rentals, they also rent box trucks and tractors, making them a great option for your diverse trucking needs.


Located at 94 Gazza Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals operates across New York, with a focus on Long Island and the surrounding area. You can call Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals at (631) 391-1000, or email them at [email protected].


While Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals may be new to the world of Google reviews, their customers are as loyal as they come. As one customer said, 

“I deliver to places all over the country and these guys both in the front and guys who work in the back are some of the friendliest folks in NY. A lot..I mean a whole helluva LOT of drivers will NOT go through NYC and who can blame's dirty, people are uncaring and the atmosphere is not conducive to good business. These guys break that mold and I always look forward to delivering their product in good shape with a smile. They also recommend great restaurants locally for us out of staters. Especially deli and pizza. Thanks HUB!! You make the trip worth the effort like it is supposed to be.”

When even your delivery drivers offer a stunning review, you know you’re in good hands.

4. Alpha Platforms

Alpha Platforms’ goal is to “Lift you above all else,” and they do that with flying colors. If you’re looking for a boom truck for your next project, you’ve come to the right place. With 12 years of experience, this company provides incredible equipment for all elevated work needs, allowing you to rise above the confusion and get your next project done right.

Alpha Platforms Rental Company

They have an incredible list of boom trucks for rent, allowing you to choose the lift height that works for your project. Not only do they offer great rentals, but they also offer permit and traffic management features and have 24/7 inclusive support for all rentals, meaning you can rent with confidence. With a 10-15 minute set up time, these bucket trucks are perfect for your next project and are sure to help lift you above the competition.


Located at 1270 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, Alpha Platforms services the greater NYC area, allowing you to get your project done right no matter where your worksite is. You can contact Alpha Platforms by phone at (855) 200-0855.


Boasting an incredible 4.9-star ranking on Google reviews, with an impressive 62 reviews, Alpha Platforms’ reputation precedes itself. As one satisfied customer noted, 

“Jon told me that it was a pleasure to work with Alpha Platforms, the crew was skilled and helpful, the equipment was top notch. Our installers appreciated the security of the platform vs working off of a swing stage, it made their job easier and more efficient. From first meeting thru to the end of the work day everything ran as smoothly as it could. City Sign Service, Inc. will definitely be partnering with Alpha Platforms on future projects.”

Liz Jones

5. HSP Rentals

Established in 2007, HSP Rentals offers aerial lifts and bucket trucks for reasonable prices. Boasting NYC largest private fleet of equipment and specialty trucks, HSP Rentals is sure to have exactly what you need to complete your next big job. They service such a large area of New York City, that it’s hard to summarize it in words. Their website offers a comprehensive map of all the counties covered by their services, including Suffolk Nassau, Bronx, Queens, and even further out counties, making this one of the most comprehensive bucket truck rental services in the area. 

HSP Rentals

If you’re looking for a professional, far-reaching bucket truck rental service, HSP Rentals has everything you need for your next project, whether that involves a short-term rental or a long-term vehicle lease.


HSP Rental is located at 15-11 130 St. College Point, NY 11356, and services the surrounding area with exceptional bucket truck rentals. You can contact HSP Rental by phone at 718-358-4040, by fax at 718-358-4042, or by email at [email protected].


With 18 Google reviews and a standing 4.5-star ranking, you can trust that HSP Rental is the real deal. As one satisfied customer noted,

“Everything you need for any type of construction job. Equipment is immaculate.”

Thomas Piro

Comparing the 5 Best Bucket Truck Rentals on Long Island

Now that we’ve talked about the five best bucket truck rentals on Long Island, let’s take a look at their benefits side-by-side.


Bucket Truck Rental New York 

NYC Flag Repair

Hub Truck Leasing and Rentals

Alpha Platforms

HSP Rentals


5 stars

4.7 stars

2.6 stars

4.9 stars

4.5 star


3 reviews

26 reviews

6 reviews

62 reviews

18 reviews

Rental Flexibility

Some rental flexibility

Most flexible rental times (hourly)

Some rental flexibility

Some rental flexibility

Some rental flexibility

Serviced Area

Decent service range

Decent service range

Decent service range

Decent service range

Largest area serviced

Tips for Renting a Bucket Truck on Long Island NY

Before renting a bucket truck, it’s important to figure out what kind of bucket truck you need. Bucket trucks come in several styles, including ones meant for electrical servicing. Depending on how high your project is, you may need a different boom length or treat type on your truck of choosing. It’s also important to make sure you have enough staff to operate a boom truck, as it takes at least two people to run these vehicles at all times.

Rental Time

Another thing to keep in mind is how long you intend to use the boom truck. To maximize your investment, you should try and rent your boom truck as close to when you need it as possible, so you don’t end up with rental equipment sitting around on your work site. Thankfully, some rental companies allow for hourly rentals, which can significantly streamline the amount of time you spend renting a boom truck. 

Safety Checks

Pay attention to all safety information that comes with your rental, as it’s important to keep your workplace and workers safe at all times. Any rental truck should be properly inspected up to OSHA/ANSI standards and undergo dielectric testing before use. If the vehicle you’re renting has no inspection record or seems damaged, do not use that vehicle and ask for a replacement or another rental service, as this can endanger you and your employees.

tips for renting a bucket truck on long island

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bucket truck alternative?

If you can’t get a bucket truck at your worksite or your worksite is too small for a truck, you have options. Some aerial lift platforms operate just as well as boom trucks. You can also get a crane if you do not need to lift an individual at your worksite, and only need to move materials.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a bucket truck?

Boom trucks and bucket trucks are functionally the same vehicle. A bucket truck has a “boom” (the long arm attached to the bucket). This means that boom trucks and bucket trucks are primarily used for the same jobs.

Are bucket trucks and cherry pickers the same?

Cherry pickers are another name for bucket trucks. Because of the “basket” at the end of a boom, bucket trucks are often called cherry pickers. However, this is just a colloquial name for bucket and boom trucks.

How many people do you need to operate a bucket truck?

You need at least two people to operate a bucket truck at all times. This is because someone needs to be on the ground at all times while another person is in the air. It can be helpful to have more than two people working on a bucket truck at any given time, for safety reasons.


Now that you know some of the best bucket truck rental locations near and around Long Island, you’re in a great position to hire yourself a bucket truck for your next job. Be sure to figure out when you need your truck, and to follow all rules and regulations around operating a bucket truck, and you should be well on your way to a safe, productive worksite. 

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