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Best Bucket Truck Repair Companies in New York City

best bucket truck repair companies New York City

Top Bucket Truck Repair Companies in NYC

If you want your bucket truck repaired, you’ve come to the right place. These bucket truck repair companies in NYC service vehicles of all types, from trucks to lifts and everything in between. From bucket truck services of all kinds, including inspection, servicing, and repairs, these companies service everyone from utility companies to the average truck owner looking for repairs. 

Bucket truck repair company nyc

Their prices are more than reasonable, and they have experience dealing with all brands of bucket trucks, aerial lifts, boom lift trucks, and even towable lifts. If you have a truck-mounted aerial lift that’s due for inspection, you’ve come to the right place as well. Whether you’re looking for general machine maintenance, installation, trailer repair, or servicing on any piece of equipment, you’re in good hands with these repair shops.

No matter if you own a towable lift or a boom truck, have transmission issues, or need help with any bucket truck unit, these businesses are here to help with all your mechanical problems. Read on to discover some of the best bucket truck repair services in North America, specifically NYC.

1. TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center

TLC Auto & Truck Bucket Truck Repair

If you’re looking for a vehicle repair shop where your truck gets the VIP treatment, head to TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center. For over 30 years TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center has been repairing bucket trucks, aerial lifts, and all kinds of vehicles, meaning when you leave your truck with our team, you’re in some of the best auto repair hands in NYC. Located at 230 NY-109, Farmingdale, NY 11735, you can schedule an appointment with our team by calling (631) 201-5755.

Unique Services

Not only do we service bucket trucks, but we do routine inspections, allowing you to ensure your bucket truck is in tip-top operating condition at all times while also adhering to local and state inspection guidelines. Of course, if you’re in the market for a general repair, we’re the team for you. We’re not kidding when we say we do it all, from dielectric testing to general repairs. You can find a full list of our services on our website, but trust us when we say we offer comprehensive care for bucket trucks, aerial lifts, trailers, and more.

Customer Review

Of course, we might be a little biased, but with 154 reviews on Google and a 4.8-star rating, it’s evident why we’re considered the top auto repair choice in New York. But don’t just rely on our opinion. Listen to what one of our satisfied customers said: 

“This is our Go-To auto shop for both our professional and personal needs. Pete from TLC has come through for us again and again. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I even take my personal truck there for any needs, and it’s a specialty vehicle that many shops don’t know what to do with. These guys are simply the best.”

2. DJ’s Auto and Truck Repair Center

DJ’s Auto And Truck Repair Center

Company Overview

Another NYC-based truck and auto repair center with 30+ years of experience, DJ’s Auto and Truck Repair Center offers comprehensive repair for any diesel trucks, vans, and even electric vehicles. Their services include general testing, engine reconstruction, and a wide range of other repair services tailored to fit your vehicle. Located at 59-81 Maurice Avenue, Maspeth, NY, you can contact them by phone at (718) 397-5000.

Unique Services

DJ’s Auto and Truck Repair Center offers a wide range of services, from general and electric services to engine rebuilding and more. While their focus is on diesel vehicles, they work with and repair a wide range of vehicles, meaning they can care for whatever truck, car, or trailer needs work. Plus, they have a heavy-duty vehicle inspection station. If your vehicle is in need of a tune-up or has a serious problem in need of repair, the team at DJ’s Auto and Truck Repair is there to help.

Customer Review

54 Google reviews and a 4.7-star ranking set this company apart from the rest. As one customer said in their review, 

“Been coming here since 2015. DJs does good work and prices are reasonable. Even when they are swamped, they managed to slot me in. Commercial vehicles are the lifeblood of a trucking business. David understands this well and makes sure your vehicle is back on the road ASAP! Argie & Karen at the front desk also provides excellent follow-ups after you drop off vehicle. David runs a tight ship.”

3. H&C Truck Repair / Equipment

H&C Truck Repair : Equipment

Company Overview

A licensed DOT inspection station, H&C Truck Repair / Equipment handles all car repair jobs, no matter how big or small. They’re located at 801 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY, and their scheduling phone number is (914) 966-0000. This repair shop services trucks and vehicles of all sizes and specializes in all manner of repairs and inspections, meaning no matter what your vehicle needs, they’ve got you covered. From bucket trucks to personal vehicles, H&C Truck Repair / Equipment won’t turn down a customer in need, meaning you get the best service possible for your vehicles.

Unique Services

Not only is this a licensed DOT inspection station, but they also repair everything from bucket trucks to CAT vehicles and more, meaning this is your one-stop shop for all kinds of vehicle repair in NYC. They’re certified and licensed for a long list of services, including: 

  • Licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station
  • Licensed Heavy Duty Inspection Station-Vehicle Over 18,000 GVW
  • Licensed Light Saftey Inspection Station
  • Licensed Heavy and Trailer Inspection Station
  • Licensed DOT Inspection Station
  • Certified Engine Rebuilding
  • Certified Drivetrain Rebuilding
  • Certified Air Conditioner Service Station
  • Certified Air Brake System Service Station
  • Certified Snow and Ice Equipment Repairs and Installations

Customer Review

With 32 customer reviews under their belt and an impressive 4.8 stars on Google, H&C Truck Repair / Equipment lives up to their reputation. As one reviewer said, 

“Great guys, great mechanics, and extremely competent and honest! A rare combination in this Industry! I tried a lot of local shops, and this is the best by far here in the Westchester/Bronx area! Thank You H&C!”

4. NUEQUIP (Northeast Utility Equipment Repair)

NUEQUIP (Northeast Utility Equipment Repair)

Company Overview

Another company that specializes in bucket truck repair and inspection in NYC is NUEQUIP. With eleven years of experience under its belt, this repair shop is a cornerstone for truck inspection, dielectric testing, and overall maintenance in NYC. Located at 2040 Greenwood Street, Yorktown, NY 10598, you can call (914) 909-6340 or email [email protected] for more information or to set up an appointment with their experienced technicians. With an exclusive focus on utility trucks, including dielectric testing, overall performance, and general inspections, NUEQUIP is a great bucket truck repair service in the NYC area.

Unique Services

With a heavy focus on utility vehicles, NUEQUIP offers specialized services for aerial lift vehicles, as well as utility fleets as a whole. Not only can they perform OSHA/ANSI inspections, but their entire company was formed as a way to service utility companies and bucket truck owners, meaning when you work with NUEQUIP, you’re working with experienced professionals.

Customer Review

While NUEQUIP may have fewer reviews than some other entries on this list, this is more due to their relative newness in the field of truck repairs. They still boast a 4.4-star review ranking, and have a loyal following of customers. One such customer noted, 

“Ron and John are experts in their field. If you ever have a mechanical issue or problem with your truck bring it to these guys. They have solved problems for me and my company that no one else could I recommend them 100%”

5. Elio’s Truck Repair

Elio’s Truck Repair

Company Overview

Family-owned and operated, Elio’s Truck Repair company offers incredible results for truck owners. Whether you’re looking for bucket truck repair, or need repairs on another truck type, this company offers comprehensive, professional services aimed to fit your unique truck repair needs. Located at 126-15 35th Avenue, Corona, NY, you can contact them through their company website or give them a call at (718) 772-7603.

Unique Services

One of the unique things about Elio’s Truck Repair features an online gallery of past work, so you can see the results for yourself. They show engine repair, overall truck maintenance, and other examples of their work so you know exactly what to expect when you make an appointment with their business.

Customer Review

It’s worth noting that out of the 26 reviews for Elio’s Truck Repair, every single one gives this company a 5-star review. That’s impressive customer loyalty! As one reviewer noted, 

“Came this place to fix the dump truck. The price is reasonable and the service was really good. The boss did some extra work without any cost. The business is owned by a father and son. They are very nice and easy to talk. Definitely will go again in the future.”


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Additional Information and Tips

Some signs that your bucket truck could be due for repair include:

  • Odd noises
  • Areas of loose connection
  • Electronic issues
  • Responsiveness delays
  • Missing bolts

Of course, any noises from your engine or transmission could also indicate it’s time for a tune up. Paying attention to these noises and carrying out regular inspections are crucial to the upkeep and safety of your bucket truck. If you’re looking for a helpful checklist to ensure your bucket truck is in top condition, check out our safety checklist guide for bucket trucks

It’s also important to stay up-to-date on your OSHA/ANSI inspections. TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center is an official OSHA/ANSI inspection center, meaning they can ensure your vehicle is in top running condition, and help you conform to any safety inspection requirements for your business or personal equipment.


If you’re looking for the best bucket truck repair service in NYC, you’ve now got five different exceptional repair shops to choose from. While we recommend TLC out of the top list, no matter which company you work with, you’re sure to get fantastic results. If you need your bucket truck or other aerial lift repaired, you’ll be in great hands with any of these fantastic companies.

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