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Best Tree Trimming Companies In NYC

top tree trimming companies nyc

Tree trimming companies New York City

If you’re looking for a company to help trim the trees in your yard, you’re in luck. This blog post will introduce you to the top five tree-trimming companies in the area. These companies offer tree trimming, tree removal services, and can help with stump removal and other damage mitigation services for your trees.
If you have a beautiful tree needing removal, pruning, or general care, these affordable tree services help. These five services operate on Long Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, as well as Staten Island and Nassau County, meaning you can get quality, affordable tree care no matter where in NYC you’re located.
New York City Tree Trimming companies

If you’re looking for a NYC tree trimming company, these five businesses are perfect for your needs. These tree service companies have skilled and professional crews that can perform tree risk assessments and help answer any customer questions. Whether you need a tree delivery service and installation or are a commercial customer, these companies will meet your tree-trimming needs.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming has a wide range of benefits. For one thing, pruning your trees can help ensure healthy growth and determine which direction your trees grow. If your trees are damaged, tree trimming can remove the damaged material, helping ensure your tree will stay healthy. Of course, tree trimming also allows you to remove unwanted growth, allowing the tree to survive while removing any potentially dangerous branches near your home.

Some other benefits of tree trimming include:

  • Removing dead or damaged materials
  • Controlling diseases or infection
  • Reducing threat of falling limbs to other structures


Tree trimming is also useful for fast-growing trees. While a Fraser Fir, for example, may not need frequent trimming, other more prolific trees can benefit from regular trimmings to keep new growth in check and improve the appearance of your property. A tree trimming company in NYC can help maintain trees on your property, as well as remove hazardous branches that could fall on your home or other objects.

benefits of tree trimming

Top 5 Tree Trimming Companies in NYC

Having explored the numerous benefits of tree trimming, let’s now look at the top 5 tree trimming companies in New York City. These companies are renowned for their expertise in maintaining tree health and aesthetics, ensuring the safety of both your trees and property. Here’s a detailed look at each of these top-rated services, starting with Big Brother Tree Service.

1. Big Brother Tree Service

Company Overview

Big Brother Tree Service serves customers in Nassau County and Suffolk County. This company provides tree trimming, pruning, stump removal, tree removal, and emergency tree clean-up services. They also offer 24/7 emergency response services to help with fallen trees and dangerous branches, allowing you peace of mind during any storm. They can help grind stumps or clear-cut a property no problem, meaning no matter what trimming services you need, Big Brother Tree Service is here to help.

big brother tree service


Big Brother Tree Service operates out of 226 Sherbrooke Rd, Lindenhurst, NY 11757. They service cities in Nassau County and Suffolk County. While the list of serviced cities is quite long, you can find that information, as well as all of their services, on their website.

You can contact Big Brother Tree Services at (631) 873-1596 of through email at [email protected]. Their hours are Monday through Sunday, 09.00 am to 05.00 pm; however, their emergency services operate 24/7 for any tree-related emergencies you may have.


Big Brother Tree Services has 84 reviews on Google, almost all of which give the company five stars. As one satisfied customer said,

“Franklin, Benjamin and the entire team were amazing. I had 3 tree's needing to come down and 3 more trimmed. They were efficient and friendly and extremely professional. I would highly recommend them and will definitely hire them again!!! 5 out of 5 from me! Great job guys!”

If you’re worried about larger tree limbs, Big Brother Tree Services has it under control. As a reviewer noted, 

“It was honestly hard to watch them take a huge tree down limb by limb right next to my house, But every step of the way they had control over just about everything.”

If you’re looking for a company that offers professional tree trimming services in NYC, Big Brother Tree Services is the right team for the job.

2. Branching Out Tree Service

Company Overview

Branching Out Tree Service offers decades of family-owned and operated experience in tree trimming and maintenance. This company offers tree trimming and pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, and aerial bucket services. They also specialize in commercial and municipal services as well as tree cabling and bracing. If you have a problem with your tree, you’ve come to the right place for comprehensive servicing.

They service primarily Long Island, meaning if you need anything tree-related done in this area, you’ve come to the right place. They also offer land-clearing services for full properties and work with commercial customers on larger-scale tree maintenance projects. Of course, they also have 24/7 emergency services available.

branching out tree service


Located at 405 Ralph Ave, Copiague, NY 11726, Branching Out Tree Service has contacts in Queens, Suffolk, and Nassau, allowing them to service a large section of New York.

Branching Out Tree Service has three distinct phone numbers. To contact their Queens branch, call (718) 407-4207. To reach their Suffolk branch, use (631) 842-1422. Finally, to reach their Nassau branch, call (516) 795-1017.


At almost 500 reviews, Branching Out Tree Service is clearly the company to work with. One reviewer shared a positive story about the company, 

“Alex saw me cutting up a large tree that fell by myself. With his crew working down the block he came with his saw and helped me cut up the tree so I could move it into the woods. When I asked him why he did that he said I saw you are with the fire department its the least I can do. Much thanks and respect to BOTS and Alex.”

Who wouldn’t want to work with a company that takes time out of their busy schedule to help a local hero?

3. P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris Removal

Company Overview

P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris Removal operates out of Bay Shore, NY. They offer a wide range of professional tree care services, including complete tree removal, pruning and trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, logging, planting, and firewood supply. They also service emergencies caused by fallen trees, weather, and other tree-related catastrophes. If you have a tree emergency, P.J.R. is here to help.

On top of their tree care services, they also offer total landscaping and debris removal services, meaning they can help keep your lawn maintaining or clean up natural and construction debris. If you’re looking for a total yard transformation, from topsoil installation and debris removal to tree maintenance and planting, P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris Removal is the right company for you.

P.J.R. Landscaping And Debris Removal


P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris removal works from 335 N 3rd Ave, Bay Shore, NY 11706. Their hours are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Their emergency services are 24/7, and they also offer estimates.

The primary P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris removal phone number is (631) 994-4112. For emergency tree services, you can call the same phone number.


P.J.R. Landscaping and Debris has 131 reviews on Google with an astounding 4.9-star overall ranking. One reviewer noted of their emergency tree removal situation: 

“I recently had a challenging situation in my backyard when a large tree branch broke off, leaving me in need of urgent help. I reached out to several companies and received quotes that varied significantly. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I decided to contact Jose from PJR Landscaping, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Jose's responsiveness was impressive. He promptly came by later that same day, which was a relief considering the urgency of the situation. Not only did he provide a reasonable estimate for the tree removal, but he also offered to trim up my other trees at a reasonable cost, which was an unexpected bonus.”

4. Alhei Tree Service Corp

Company Overview

Boasted as Long Island’s premiere tree servicing company, Alhei Tree Service Corp offers a wide range of tree care options to NYC residents. If you’re looking for a company to trim or prune your trees, remove dead trees, grind stumps, or clear land, you’re in the right place. Not only do they offer free estimates, but they also provide emergency tree-clearing services 24/7, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got backup during a storm or unforeseen tree emergency. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art tree clearing services, Ahei Tree Service Corp provides exceptional services for customers in and around Long Island. If you’re looking to have trees cleared, branches trimmed, or any number of tree pruning and care services, their company is the right choice for you.

Alhei Tree Service Corp


Alhei Tree Service Corp operates out of 15 Lace Lane Central Islip NY 11722. Be sure to call their business for their operating hours, as they are not listed on their website. However, their emergency services are 24/7, as you can’t plan emergencies around work hours.

Alhei Tree Service Corp has two primary phone numbers: (631) 748-2108 and (516) 519-2299. If you cannot connect to the first number, try their second number, as the team may be on the move during the work day.


With 29 Google reviews and a star ranking of 4.6, Alhei Tree Service Crop has a great reputation as a New York tree trimmer. As one satisfied customer noted, 

“My husband and I were so pleased with the service. They were so professional thorough, extremely neat reasonably priced and very eager to please. We WILL be calling on them again. Great bunch of guys. Thank you Alec ❤️.”

5. LA Tree Service New York

Company Overview

While this company may have “LA” in the title, we promise LA Tree Service Creative New York services the NYC area. Questionable name aside, they offer incredible tree trimming services, including tree trimming, pruning, topping or height control, tree planting, and stump removal, as well as 24/7 emergency tree care services. 

With a commitment to professionality, safety, and efficiency, LA Tree Service Creative New York is one of the top tree trimming companies in NYC, providing exceptional services to regular and commercial customers. If you’re looking to transform your landscaping, plant new trees, or care for or remove existing trees, you need LA Tree Service Creative New York.

LA Tree Service New York


LA Tree Service Creative New York is located in Brooklyn, and services the surrounding area, making it one of the premier tree trimmers in NYC. While they don’t list hours on their website, they do offer 24/7 emergency tree trimming services.

You can contact LA Tree Service Creative New York through their online contact form, or by calling (917) 593-9128 and (718) 775-0942. They also respond to emails sent to [email protected].


La Tree Service Creative New York has not only 23 or more years in service, but they boast 72 Google reviews and an overall star rating of 4.8. As one customer noted, 

“I hired LA Tree Service to clear my property land line, the crew was so Hardworking and professional. Thanks for sending such a terrific crew out to take care of the tree today. They did a perfect job and cleaned up so well, we also had a few hiccups along the way nevertheless Jose Luis and the crew manager Elmer is such a nice and honest human being i really appreciate the way they do business. I would highly recommend LA Tree Service and most definitely use their services again.”

Tree trimming companies nyc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between tree trimming and pruning?

Tree trimming removes branches that are in the way. Tree pruning is for the overall health of the tree. The two are similar, but tree trimming focuses on the health and safety of surrounding buildings and wiring, while tree pruning focuses on the tree itself.

Who is responsible for tree trimming around electrical wires?

Your electrical company should trim trees around electrical wires. If you have a downed branch on a wire, call your electrical service company first before hiring a tree trimmer. Most electrical companies should remove these branches for free, and can do so safely.

What time of year is the cheapest for tree removal?

February is the cheapest time of year for tree removal. This is because most leaves are off the trees, making it easier to remove the branches. However, snow may complicate when these trees can be trimmed, so keep that in mind.

Should I remove a tree close to the house?

If you’re worried about a tree close to your home, you have options. You can trim the tree, or have it braced if its leaning. You do not always need to remove trees near your home, so long as they are not severely damaged or decaying.


If you’re looking for great tree trimming services near NYC, any of these five companies can help. No matter if you have a tree emergency, or need landscaping advice, these businesses are sure to help you care for the trees in and around your property, and keep them healthier than ever.

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