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5 Best Bucket Truck Dealers in NY

Best Bucket Truck Dealers in New York

Introduction to Bucket Trucks

Also commonly known as cherry pickers, these aerial lifts allow workers to operate above the ground. Various industries use bucket trucks, from construction sites to electrical work and tree trimming.


Any boom truck, boom lift, or aerial work platform can improve a work site exponentially. These platform’s heights allow workers to reach areas safely that would otherwise pose a logistical nightmare. 


Purchasing or leasing a bucket truck is an important yet costly decision, meaning you want to get your bucket truck from a reliable dealer. Not only do you want a high-quality lift, but you also want your bucket truck made from durable materials.

Top 5 Bucket Truck Dealers in NY

Here, we discuss some of NY’s top bucket truck dealers to help you outfit your fleet, whether you’re looking for forestry bucket trucks, cranes, or other bucket truck designs. Let’s dive right in.

1. Milea Truck Sales & Leasing

Milea is a household name if you’re from the New York area. This major commercial bucket truck seller offers a wide range of products. Not only does Milea sell bucket trucks outright, but they also provide leasing opportunities, giving you a range of options.

Milea Truck Sales & Leasing

Range of Bucket Trucks Available

Milea offers both used and new bucket trucks for sale. Their complete truck inventory features brands like:


  • Hino
  • Isuzu
  • Volvo
  • Crane Carrier
  • GMC
  • Mitsubishi


Their brand availability is impressive, and they also offer custom truck builds and retrofits at their location. This gives you more control over your fleet and helps you fill those niche needs for your business. 


While their website does have a search function for new and used vehicles, it’s always a good idea to call their locations directly to get up-to-date inventory information. Plus, with three locations to choose from (and an upcoming fourth), there are plenty of vehicles to choose from. 

Customer Service and Support

Milea offers servicing for your fleet. This means you can get your fleet tuned up at the same location where you purchased your new or used bucket truck. Their staff can also discuss financing options, answer inventory questions, or help you find the right truck.

One reviewer said,

“The best possible truck service in the area. They've done so much for our company! That's why our trucks are always running well! Steve and Patrick are [the] main people in service. They are extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with. If you need the job done right on your trucks that's the best place to be at. Highly recommended for individuals or businesses.”

Financing and Affordability

Financing is available through Milea directly, with quotes and credit checks on their website. Each online used truck lists a price, allowing you to compare deals with other dealerships. Milea also buys used trucks.

2. Gabrielli Truck Sales

In business since 1966, Gabrielli Truck Sales knows a thing or two about commercial trucks. With over 20 service and sales locations, Gabrielli Truck Sales maintains a foothold as a bucket truck and commercial truck distributor. They sell both used and new trucks. By combining parts inventory, new and used trucks, and service options, Gabrielli Truck Sales is a one-stop shop for all your fleet needs.

Gabrielli Truck Sales

Range of Bucket Trucks Available

From the outset, Gabrielli Truck Sales has offered a wide range of commercial trucks, including bucket trucks. Its brand offerings include:

  • Kenworth trucks
  • Mack trucks
  • Ford commercial trucks
  • Hino trucks 
  • Isuzu trucks
  • Volvo commercial trucks


If you want to lease a vehicle or purchase one outright, Gabrielli’s has shops across New York and New Jersey. Their online catalog is regularly updated, but you can call their locations to check inventory levels.

Customer Service and Support

Gabrielli Truck Sales takes full service to the next level. They sell bucket trucks as well as parts at their location. As one reviewer noted,

“Awsome and courteous service, the best of the best technicians, Hector, Tom, and Patrick made sure I could meet my timeline to get my trailer and go home to Toronto, Ontario. Thank you to everyone at Gabrielli.”

Financing and Affordability

Gabrielli Truck Sales does not directly advertise its financing options on its website. They do offer truck rentals and equipment leasing. Contact their location directly if you want to finance one of their trucks. Their used and new trucks have a quote function on their website.

3. Cassone Trucks & Equipment

Cassone Trucks & Equipment offers used trucks, lifts, trailers, and more, all at reasonable prices. From bucket trucks to passenger buses and everything in between, Cassone Trucks & Equipment has it all.


Cassone Trucks & Equipment has the know-how to build and maintain its used inventory with 100 years of combined truck experience. They do not sell new bucket trucks.

Cassone Trucks & Equipment

Range of Bucket Trucks Available

Cassone Trucks & Equipment has a wide range of truck types on offer, including:

  • Hooklifts
  • Dump Trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Cab chassis
  • Bucket trucks 
  • Garbage trucks/Roll off
  • Landscape Equipment
  • Flatbeds
  • Utility trucks
  • Mechanic trucks
  • Digger derricks
  • Crane trucks
  • Knuckleboom trucks
  • Grapple trucks
  • …and more

They have Altec and Versalift bucket trucks in their inventory and other name brands.

Customer Service and Support

Cassone Truck & Equipment puts its customers first. Its customer service team knows how to find deals and offers some of the best pricing around. If you have questions about inventory levels or want more information on a posted vehicle, you can contact the Cassone team. One satisfied customer said,

"We purchased a truck through them and worked with Chuck and Marco. There was an issue with a turbo actuator, and they didn't hesitate to have me take it to my shop of choice and get it fixed. The truck was done, they paid the bill, and it works great. Will be purchasing another truck from them in the future, great customer service and quality product."

Financing and Affordability

Cassone Truck & Equipment partners with 15 different financing companies and features a one-page application that’s simple to fill out. They have a “buy now, pay later” set-up that waives payments for the first 90 to 120 days. Contact them directly to learn more.

4. Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co.

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co. offers custom truck designs and pre-built stock perfect for outfitting your fleet. They offer bucket trucks, platform trucks, plows, and more. Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co. is all about building things to your specifications, meaning you can get the right truck custom-made for the job.

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co

Range of Bucket Trucks Available

Since Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co. makes custom vehicles, its brand offerings vary. If you’re looking for a full inventory, check their website. With over 50 years in business, they can help you make almost any specialized truck. Some of the company’s custom products include:

  • VersaRack body
  • Cable pulling equipment
  • Cargo & van bodies
  • Dejana DuraRac van interiors
  • Dejana sealed partition
  • DynaPro dump bodies

Customer Service and Support

With over 50 years of experience, the Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co. sales team knows a thing or two about crafting trucks. The team can answer any of your questions with ease. As one satisfied customer reported,

“I was at Dejana to get the lift on my truck fixed. They were Awesome!! I work for Greenlee Tools and had a very big show to go to, so I needed to use my lift to get equipment off for demonstration. They got me up and running within a half an hour. Their service was by far the best I've had out of any truck shop I deal with. Thanks Guys!!!”

Financing and Affordability

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co. does not directly list financing information online. Contact a team member through their website to learn more.

5. Schmidy’s Machinery Co.

Schmidy’s Machinery Co. is a bucket truck-focused company that deals in new and used vehicles. Since 1971, this company has provided other utility vehicles, including chippers, diggers, and bucket trucks.


While not located in New York, Schmidy’s Machinery Co. sells to all 50 states and Canada, meaning you can get your hands on one of their bucket trucks no matter where your fleet is.

Schmidy’s Machinery Co

Range of Bucket Trucks Available

Schmidy’s Machinery Co. has a wide range of bucket trucks in stock at all times. If you’re looking for one of their New York bucket trucks, check their website or call their location for more information. Schmidy’s Machinery Co. also stocks:

  • Bucket trucks 
  • Forestry trucks
  • Boom trucks
  • Digger derricks
  • Chip trucks
  • Wood chippers
  • …and more

Customer Service and Support

Schmidy’s Machinery Co. services customers across the United States and Canada. If you want to know more about their inventory, reach out directly to learn more.

As one customer raved about their service,

“I needed a bucket truck and went to see what they had. Was very impressed with the selection. Jason showed me what he had in my specs. He was very nice, without trying to push one truck over the others to me like other dealerships

have in the past. I found the best truck for me and was surprised when he followed up a few weeks later to see how my truck was doing. By far, this is the best experience I've had in the 30 years I've bought equipment. They got a customer for life!”

Financing and Affordability

Schmidy’s Machinery Co. lists truck prices directly on its website and offers financing options. If you’re interested in financing a truck from them, you can use the financing calculator on the website or call directly for more information.

Essential Considerations When Purchasing a Bucket Truck

If buying a new bucket truck, consider warranty and service agreements. For used bucket trucks, make sure you’re buying from a reputable dealer, as you want to avoid ending up with a defective truck after you leave the lot. Check any warranties the dealer offers closely, as well as financing agreements.


As far as a bucket truck is concerned, ensure it is regularly inspected according to OSHA and ANSI standards to avoid legal issues and maintain the vehicle properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a bucket truck?

Bucket trucks can cost between $37,000 and $140,000. This depends on if they are used or new. Pricing can also differ depending on the features and construction of said bucket truck.

What is the difference between a cherry picker and a bucket truck?

Cherry pickers and bucket trucks are the same type of vehicle. There are many different types of bucket trucks, usually differentiated by where the boom is on the truck itself. However, cherry pickers are just bucket trucks by another name.

Are most bucket trucks automatic or manual?

Bucket trucks are available in both automatic and manual makes. The only real difference between the two is preference and driver comfort. While manual offers more control, automatic is more familiar to many drivers.


If you want a new bucket truck, pay attention to cost, design, and dealer reliability to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you want to get your bucket truck inspected under OSHA and ANSI standards, contact TLC Auto & Truck Repair. We can help ensure your vehicle stays up-to-date on inspections, servicing, and more.

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